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Vivid is a curtain whose appearance changes over time due to the impact of sunlight. The textile’s light responsive technology uses two different materials: a naturally-dyed yarn and a synthetically-dyed yarn. Over time, the naturally-dyed colours in the curtain become faint, revealing a striking pattern underneath. The ageing process is designed into the product in order to foster a debate about sustainability and the relationship we have with our belongings.

Our vision is to show how beautiful natural colours age and promote them as a real alternative to synthetic dyes, opening markets for less durable colours that change over time. The low lightfastness of natural colourants is often seen as a negative quality, the projects approach takes this negative and makes it a design feature.


before exposure to sun

after exposure to sun

Dimensions: 140 x 250 cm

Fabric weight: 280g/m2

40% naturally dyed weft: rustic wool from Germany

40% synthetically dyed weft: Dralon® Acryl / Modal

20% warp: polyester

Available in 3 colors: dark blue, rose and grass green

curtain before exposure to sunlight

Vivid was funded by WORTH  European Partnership Project

simulation of a fully bleached curtain

Photography by Anne Pohlmann

© Meyers & Fügmann