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Slow Patterns

Slow Patterns is a textile collection that changes over time by the influence of sunlight.

Developed with an undogmatic technique that embraces both the natural and artificial, Slow Patterns combines woolen and synthetic yarns. As the textile is exposed to the UV-light, the naturally colored dyes fade while the stable synthetic colors retain their hues, gently revealing an intricate pattern.

The light-responsive technology makes the process of aging and use visible. It speaks to the emotional relationships people develop with objects: incorporating change and encouraging longevity by turning time and memory into tangible elements of the design. 

The textiles raise questions about physical obsolescence and decay. Stimulating people to value the piece over the entirety of its lifespan, it embraces subtle shifts in appearance. Low lightfastness is often seen as a shortcoming, Slow Patterns celebrates its quality. It is a plea for the dignity and liveliness of natural colors as they fade over time.