Meyers & Fügmann is a studio for textile, product design and research, based in Berlin and Luxembourg.

Our work unites craft and industrial production through color, technique and material. In our approach, materials always lead the way. We look for solutions that respect the inherent qualities and natural properties of the resources we work with. By using our hands, questioning and shaping substance, we find new ideas. We call this thinking through making.


We advocate for a slow consumerism, and believe that the objects we use in our daily lives should consider the geographical origins of materials, the social value of production processes and the environmental impact of a products’ life-cycle. The paths along which products travel, from farm to factory, from studio to shop, become tangible in the objects we design. By embedding traces of making, creating new value chains and preserving specific knowledge and crafts, we forge new connections between production, design and consumption.

Meyers & Fügmann was founded in 2015 when Sarah Meyers and Laura Fügmann met at the Weissensee art school in Berlin, and together worked for Hella Jongerius/Jongeriuslab on many projects. Both equally energetic and driven by a mutual desire to make things, the collaboration grew out of a dialogue between Laura’s unrelenting patience and an eye for detail, and Sarah’s boundless curiosity and hunger for new ideas.


Our studio specializes in material and color research, weaving, spatial and exhibition design. We develop new products, create design concepts, initiate and conduct design research, deliver training and consultancy in the fields of color, dying and sustainability.

photography top by Sabrina Rothe
photography bottom by Pauline Agustoni