Design, seen as a part of the cultural and economic sector,  delivers, next to a certain style and zeitgeist, information about our values, social trends and technical innovations. Meanwhile the way we produce, consume and use has a direct influence on everybody’s life.

We think that it is necessary to spread the knowledge of how goods are made as well as the ability of making them. Through our designs we want to share backgrounds, skills and sensibility, as well as the responsibility for our goods with the user.

The hands-on method initiates and guides our design practice. While making we examine the different stages of a material and capture its parameters and effects. We want to become familiar with a process and study what specific qualities and possibilities the single steps offer.

Our experiments are the triggers of our ideas. We love when a material or process surprises us and try to preserve those surprises in our designs.

Sarah Meyers and Laura Fügmann are the founders of Meyers & Fügmann – a studio for textile and product design based in Berlin and Luxembourg. The two met during their study of textile and surface design at Artschool Weissensee in Berlin and graduated from the Sandberg Instituut (master education of Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam)  in 2015.

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